Elena A. Averboukh           Assoc. Prof. Dr.  Dr.-habil.   email: e.averbukh@ieee.org
in German: www.sixsigma-24.de

Business Process-, Quality- and Innovation Management

Virtual Training and Coaching

Overview We provide:
  • Virtual training and project coaching in:

> Six Sigma (DMAIC, DFSS, I-DFSS) for champions, Master, Black and  Green Belts

> Usability Engineering for products, systems, software and Web

> Innovation Management with Ideation-TRIZ

> Business Process Modelling and Management

> MinitabTM Statistical Software

> iGrafxTM Process 2003 for Six Sigma

> Ideation-TRIZ software products (IWB, IFA, IFP, IDE)

  • Hot-Line Support, i.e. regular coaching sessions on a retainer basis

  • E - Learning packages for individual learning

  • Interactive class or virtual project-team maybe organised and set up on request.

Contact us to discuss your needs and requirements.

On request we may perform virtual training or coaching by login into your Net Meeting or Intranet platform.

e-Learning 1. Send request by FAX to +49 561 877389 or Email to e.averbukh@ieee.org

1.1.        Specify topic, type of activity (training or coaching), number of participants and dates of preference.

1.2.        Specify how and when best to contact you to discuss the detailed requirements (tel., email etc.) and technical setting

1.3.        If feasible, send a request well in advance so that we may allocate your response in our schedule to your convenience

2. We contact you and agree on procedure and details and send you a formal offer. Confidentiality agreement maybe signed if needed.

3. After getting formal request and pre-payment, we inform you about the exact dates, procedure, URL and login password

4. Please, if agreed, e-mail to the trainer/coach your project materials for the session, including data sets, Power Point  Presentations etc. (at latest 1 week before the session)

5. At the beginning of session each participant will just dial the given URL and login your password.


To participate in a virtual class or in distant coaching, you just need

  • Internet access at your PC
  • Headset with microphone connected to your computer or telephone with loud speaker

Prof. Dr. Elena A. Averboukh

GhK-University of Kassel
IMAT-Institute for Measuring and Automation Technologies

Faculty 15 Mechanical Engineering
Mönchebergstr.7 (Room 1604)
34125 Kassel, Germany

LUSI-Centre (Interdisciplinary Centre for Quality of Life and Usability Studies)

email: e.averbukh@ieee.org

Tel: + 49 172 7857 294
Fax: + 49 561 877389