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Ideation International has developed powerful I-TRIZ analytical methods to provide asset growth solutions to Intellectual Property departments of domestic and international enterprises, universities, university start-up companies, as well as research foundations and institutes. These services include the application of proprietary and patented breakthrough computer-assisted processes for the evaluation, opinion formation, and forecasting of inventions and patents, which can have a major impact on increasing IP portfolio value and growth.

Ideationís IP services provide high-level expertise to enhance the value of proprietary technologies, inventions, patents and patent portfolios. These methods can be used to quantitatively assess the logical correctness of a patent, discover additional innovations in technologies taught by patents, and provide highly credible expectations of the future evolution of patented technologies.

Disclosure Inspection Service - III analysts uncover, display and codify the interrelationships among the functional elements of an invention disclosure or technology description submitted by the client. They also develop and provide a suggested list of claims as well as a list of alternatives to expand the inventive reach of the disclosure or technology description.

Patent Analysis Service - III analysts employ a patented methodology to generate a graphical depiction of the logical structure of the invention described in the patent. This diagrammatic approach exposes both the weaknesses and strengths in the patent and its claim structure. The software that embodies the specialized methodology further produces a comprehensive list of suggested avenues for development that may strengthen, expand or extend the patent.

Patent Deconstruction Service - III analysts conduct a focused patent analysis to meet the clientís objectives, which typically include litigation support, infringement avoidance, and circumvention of a competitorís patent. This work is carried out in close partnership with client personnel so that the competitive landscape be fully appreciated by the III analysts.

Our Customers:
  • University of Michigan
  • Creighton University
  • University of Nebraska
  • University of Western Ontario
  • University of Arkansas

Research Foundations:

  • Central Iowa Health System


  • Bissell
  • Rockwell International
  • Valeo



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