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Technical Advisory Council

Zion Bar-El, Chief Executive Officer, Ideation International Inc., Southfield, MI
Zion performs multiple functions including those involving Sales and Marketing Administration. Mr. Bar-El manages pre-sales activities and negotiates exclusive agreements with potential clients, both nationally and internationally. He has been involved in overseeing all activities of the company since January of 1996.

Daryl S. Boudreaux, Ph.D., Nanoholdings, Wallingford, PA
Prior to forming his own company, Daryl was the first full-time director of the Office of Technology Transfer at Rice University. His responsibilities included the management of the university’s patent portfolio, technology licensing and business development, and formation of spin-off companies. Daryl came to Houston from the Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey, where he directed its technology licensing and business development activities. A scientist by background, Daryl has 25 years of business experience with AlliedSignal, Inc. (now Honeywell), where he led the engineering development and information technology departments. He received his bachelor’s degree from Loyola University, New Orleans, and holds a Ph.D. in Physics from Pennsylvania State University. He was a member of the Condensed Matter Theory Group at the Cavendish Laboratory in Cambridge, England and taught Physics at New York Polytechnic University. He currently serves on the Advisory Board of Directors of the Houston Technology Center.

Michael Brady, Vice President, Parsons Infrastructure and Technology Group, Pasadena, CA
Mike is a hands-on executive with multi-level experience in a number of industries. His primary background is in one-of-a-kind project execution, planning and design. He has managed multiple projects concurrently, responsible for both execution and personnel. Several of his projects have won engineering awards. In addition, Mike has over ten years of international work and was responsible for design and construction support on $1 billion in development.

Daniel Burrus, President, Burrus Research Associates, Inc., Hartland, WI
One of the world’s leading technology forecasters, Daniel is the author of Technotrends: How to Use Technology to Go Beyond Your Competition and is the founder and president of Burrus Research Associates, Inc., a research and consulting firm that specializes in global innovations in science and technology. Over the past 18 years, he has established an impressive record of accurately predicting the future of technological change.

Robert Cantrell, Director of Business Development, IP.com, Arlington, VA
Robert currently heads up the marketing for IP.com’s IP Publications website and the IP Analytics consulting. IP.com is a spin-off from Manning & Napier Information Services (MNIS). Robert has spoken to over 100 companies and conferences in seven countries regarding intellectual property strategy and analysis.

Paul B. Germeraad, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer, VP & GM, R&D Applications, Aurigin Systems, Inc., Cupertino, CA
Paul is responsible for overseeing the development of Aurigin’s intellectual asset management products, including the flagship Intellectual Property Asset Management (IPAM) system. Before joining Aurigin, Paul served as Vice President of Corporate Research for Avery Dennison, where he helped the company achieve one of the best 1997 technology commercialization track records in the United States. He also directed the 90-person Corporate Research Center and helped double the company’s percentage of new product sales.

Stan Kaplan, Ph.D., Chairman, Bayesian Systems, Inc., Washington, D.C.
Stan Kaplan is a risk analyst, decision theorist, engineer, applied mathematician, and ex-nuclear reactor physicist, now specializing in what he calls the “science of uncertainty.” He is a founder and chairman of Bayesian Systems, Inc., a software company developing products based on the Bayes Theorem. Stan has written two popular books for Ideation: An Introduction to TRIZ and New Tools for Failure and Risk Analysis.

David Levy, Ph.D., Cambridge, MA
David heads two companies focused on intellectual property. His one-person company, TH, Inc., has signed three licenses in five years and has 16 patents pending in toys, exercise equipment, medical devices, display technology, computer interface and automotive applications. However, in 2001, TH spun out Digit Wireless, LLC, a licensing company which has raised over $2 million to develop and market the Fastap™ Keypad, a complete, easy-to-use computer keyboard that fits neatly into a small mobile phone. David has been profiled in Fortune Magazine, the New Yorker, First Person, and Beyond 2000.

Yoni Mizrachi, Ph.D., Ruppin Institute for Higher Education, Emek Hefer, Israel
With a Ph.D. and M.A. from Harvard University, Yoni is an entrepreneur who brings vast experience and knowledge to areas related to competitive business intelligence and strategic business environments. He has a profound academic understanding and field experience in knowledge management, information overload, business innovation and Business Processes Reengineering (BPR). Currently, Yoni is actively involved in the business strategy, development issues, R&D efforts, and daily operations of NetOnCourse Ltd, an Internet start-up company.

Donald Reimer, CMC, President, The Small Business Strategy Group, Southfield, MI
Don has serviced the needs of family-owned and operated businesses in the Detroit area for more than 30 years. Don is a well-known authority on entrepreneurship and the challenge of closely held businesses. His expertise includes entrepreneurial assessments and evaluations, strategic and organizational planning, management and business assessments, franchising, minority business development and supplier certification. Don is recognized by the Institute of Management Consultants and has been elected a Certified Management Consultant.  He is the author of numerous articles in the field of management and self-employment. He currently serves as  adjunct faculty in the School of Business Administration at Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan, where he teaches courses in entrepreneurship.

Larry R. Smith, Quality & Reliability Manager for Full-Size Pickup and Utility Vehicles, Ford Motor Company, Dearborn, MI
Throughout his career, Larry’s emphasis has been on Quality Engineering and Product Development. He is skilled in team building and problem resolution techniques and has application experience in Design of Experiments, Taguchi Methods, Quality Function Deployment, and Hoshin Planning. Prior to his current position with Ford, Larry led a team in the development of a new Robust Product Development Process.

Glenn A. Taylor, Professor, Hochschule Bremerhaven, Bremerhaven, Germany
Glenn has spent the last 29 years involved in the technical and business aspects of developing new chemical processes/materials, from research to commercialization. These experiences have allowed Glenn to evaluate the risk and success factors for a new idea and to efficiently organize and mentor a unit to perform its task.

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