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Ideation analysts uncover, display and codify the interrelationships among the functional elements of an invention disclosure or technology description submitted by the client. They also develop and provide a suggested list of claims as well as a list of alternatives to expand the inventive reach of the disclosure or technology description.


  • Analysis of the invention, including:
    – Review of materials provided by the client
    – Development of the logic pattern of the invention and its graphical depiction
    – Generation of a comprehensive list of pre-claims derived from the logic pattern
    – Automated formulation of possible directions for enhancing the invention
  • Evaluation of the invention's evolutionary potential, including:
    – Mapping the invention onto related "patterns of evolution"
    – Assessment of key inventive elements in comparison with the prior art
    – Assessment of the inventive level (from 1 to 5) of the invention


  • Graphical depiction of the main elements of the invention and the connections between them

  • List of automatically formulated pre-claims

  • Conclusion that includes an assessment of the disclosure’s potential, and possible avenues for its expansion


  • Improved licensability results from having a clear and concise understanding of the invention

  • A more comprehensive patent is made possible by exposing all possible inventive elements of the disclosure

  • Reduced attorney costs result from having a complete list of all possible claims

  • Improved likelihood of future related inventions

  • Aids inventors’ research programs and enhances their ability to attract funding

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