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Directed Evolution™ Soft

Directed Evolution provides a streamlined, accelerated and controlled evolution of various evolving systems including:

  • Any kind of products, processes, services, technologies, etc.
  • Businesses and/or organizations
  • Countries and the human society as a whole
  • Personal destiny

DE is based on numerous patterns, lines and trends of evolution available in experimental software "Directed Evolution". This software is intended to support the following activities:

  • Analysis of system evolution, revealing evolutionary resources, dead ends, and missed opportunities
  • Working with trends, patterns and lines of technological and market evolution
  • Revealing and solving creative problems to provide successful system evolution
  • Integration of generated ideas and concepts
  • Evaluation and enhancement of obtained concepts
  • Revealing potential dangers associated with the evolution and ways to prevent them
  • Building scenarios of evolution
  • Monitoring evolution

You can get familiar with Theoretical base for Directed Evolution

Software under development

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