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Ideation Brainstorming 3.0 (with Introduction to I-TRIZ)

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Ideation Brainstorming 2.3 has been developed to help users perform lightweight problem solving. The product is also equipped with an introduction to I-TRIZ to give users a taste of the methodology’s basic principles for inventive problem solving while providing the knowledge and skills to brainstorm ideas. The software is structured in an easy-to-use four-step process.

Define Your Problem - Defining the system you want to improve or create is a critical first step. Your answers will determine the systemic level you use to consider the problem. By describing your system’s primary function, the supersystems it belongs to, detailing inputs and outputs of the system, causes and critical conditions of the problem and potential consequences if the situation does not improve; you will create a true understanding of the problem, identify your barriers to success and form an Ideal Vision of the solution. Once you have accomplished this step you are ready to move on to the next stage.

Formulate Tasks and Brainstorm - Typically when problem-solving, contradictions will surface. The software’s 120 Inventive Principles or “operators” (patterns of invention) represent best inventive practices that allow you to generate a list of ideas on how to resolve contradictions or in simpler terms - find a way to counteract any harmful functions that may result while improving useful functions – and move to realization of the solution’s Ideal Vision.

Develop Concepts - In step three, you’ll harness the ideas you generated from Step two and combine them into concepts. This segment also helps you consider resources you may have to increase ideality.

Evaluate Results - In the final segment, you’ll address subsequent tasks and document your solution.

Learn about the Theoretical base for Technical Inventive Problem Solving.

Network versions and site licenses are available upon request. For more information about the product call Ideation at 888-399-0887 or 248-737-8854, or email sales@ideationtriz.com.

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