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Intellectual Property Management  - a professional tool for preparation, evaluation and enhancement of patent disclosures and patent applications; evaluation and enhancement of patents, screening patent portfolio, inventing around and/or protecting patents from inventing around.

 Patent Disclosure Software module helps a broad range of customers protect and increase the value of their intellectual property and significantly raises the probability of identifying those inventions with the greatest potential for commercial profit.

Invention Evaluation Software module helps in evaluation and rating of a new invention’s potential based on:

  • Invention Related Factors
  • System Evolution Factors
  • Market Related Factors

Invention Enhancement Software module helps in increasing value of an invention or innovation by:

  • Invention of new applications and new market niches for product, process or service
  • Improvement of useful functions and/or adding new useful features
  • Decreasing or eliminating cost, risk, resources consumption, pollutions and any others harmful factors

You can get familiar with Theoretical base foe Intellectual Property Management

Software under development  

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