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Knowledge Wizard® software
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A business tool for systematic problem solving, ideal for anyone -- from students to managers -- involved in resolving everyday or complex business dilemmas. This software helps users capture detailed information about a problem situation and translate that data into a visual model that links cause-and-effect relationships to specific events and conditions. Using the patented Problem Formulator™, the Knowledge Wizard then generates a comprehensive set of "directions" for innovative thinking, helping users develop a broader cross-section of ideas and puts them in a position to make confident, well-informed decisions. This dynamic approach leverages individual and team knowledge, and helps pinpoint the most promising opportunities.

You can get familiar with Theoretical base for for Non-technical Inventive Problem Solving

Network versions and site licenses are available upon request. To find out more about the product call 888-399-0887 or 248-737-8854, or email sales@ideationtriz.com.

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