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Research WorkBench

The Research WorkBench is a software application for solving scientific problems in engineering, biology, sociology, math, etc. (see Theoretical base for RWB). In development since the early 1980s, the RWB is based on the I-TRIZ Subversive Analysis method (also known as Anticipatory Failure Determination or AFD).

The main applications of the Ideation process for solving scientific problems are:

  • Discovering new effects and phenomena
  • Creating scientific hypothesis
  • Improving and developing scientific hypothesis
  • Verifying hypothesis
  • Designing experiments and measurement systems
  • Developing applications for scientific phenomena

Auxiliary applications are:

  • System study and analysis
  • Facilitating group creativity
  • Creativity "gym"

Read about the theoretical base for the Research WorkBench,

This TRIZSoft product is currently under development

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