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2/26/06 - Ideation Celebrates 43rd I-TRIZ Specialist Certification - Honor Goes To Karel Bolckmans
12/8/05 - New Software Tools Help Businesses Solve Technological Problems
11/15/05 - New partnership provides integrated innovation solutions
10/11/05 - Kent State's School of Technology teams with Ideation to bring innovation to Ohio businesses
7/26/05 - Ideation announces launch of Innovation WorkBench® 2005
7/17/05 - Ideation announces unique service for university IP departments at AUTM Central Regional Meeting
7/17/05 - Ideation unveils Disclosure Creation and Improvement software for Intellectual Property Management
7/17/05 - Ideation introduces Invention Evaluation software for Intellectual Property Management
7/17/05 - Ideation launches Invention Value Enhancement software for Intellectual Property Management
6/14/05 - Ideation announces collaboration agreement with Pretium Consulting Services LLC
6/14/05 - Ideation acquires IP Business International LLC

6/7/2005 - Business Workout Ltd forms a strategic alliance with Ideation International
5/17/05 - Ideation International and the Engineers Club of Dayton Unveil New Company
5/3/05 - Innovation Planner™ Unlocks the Power of I-TRIZ
5/5/05 - NCC and Ideation Launch Ohio Innovation Center LLC
3/21/05 - Case Western Reserve students partner with Ideation to form Lake Effect Innovation
11/2004 - Dayton Engineers Club joint venture with Ideation is out of the starting gates
8/6/04 - Federal-Mogul commits to Ideation for software, training and consulting services
7/2003 - Ideation-Germany established

4/10/03 - Advisory Council meets

4/3/02 - Ideation teams with VaNTH ERC for Bioengineering Educational Technologies
7/16/01 - Parsons announces strategic relationship with Ideation to enhance continuous innovation
3/19/01 - Offer to integrate systematic innovation into U.S. Education Reform Plan sent to President Bush
10/3/00 - Ideation International Unveils TRIZSoft® 2000

9/1/00 - Vanderbilt Biomedical Engineering Students Take Part in Ideation/TRIZ Pilot Program
6/29/00 - Ideation International in Salon.com
6/15/00 - Machine Design publishes article on AFD
5/28/00 -
Hitachi Ltd. implementing TRIZ throughout company
1/24/00 - Firm Providing Innovation to Industry Reinvents the Electric Shaver


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Ideation International Celebrates 43rd I-TRIZ Specialist Certification -- The High Ranking Honor Goes To Karel Bolckmans

Ideation International Inc. is celebrating a major milestone -- the 43rd I-TRIZ Specialist to receive certification.


After eight months of intense study and work on tough projects, Karel Bolckmans (39) graduated as an I-TRIZ Specialist. He is a bio engineer and Production and Research & Development Manager for Koppert B.V. in the Netherlands.


Boris Zlotin presents I-TRIZ
Certificate to Karel Bolckmans

His new title as I-TRIZ Specialist is the highest ranking certification provided in the I-TRIZ world.

Under the guidance of I-TRIZ leaders and TRIZ Masters Boris Zlotin and Alla Zusman, Karel’s studies included applications, processes and TRIZSoft® tools for Inventive Problem Solving (IPS), Anticipatory Failure Determination® (AFD), Directed Evolution® (DE) and Disclosure Inspection, Patent Analysis and Patent Deconstruction.

Karel’s training incorporated the most recent developments and advances in I-TRIZ methodology. Bolckmans follows in the footsteps of recent I-TRIZ graduates Dr. Rick Soto, SC Johnson and Charles Buchanan, a 28-year veteran of Valeo Inc.

Rick manages quality and reliability processes for his company. Buchanan holds more than 60 US patents.


(l to r) Alla Zusman,
Karel Bolckmans, Boris Zlotin

Karel Bolckmans
with Ideation Leaders


Bolckmans holds a master’s of science degree from the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering at the Catholic University Leuven in Belgium. He is currently working on his Ph.D. with professor J.C. van Lenteren at Wageningen University in the Netherlands.

Being interested in creativity and innovation from an early age, Karel trained in 2004 as a professional creativity facilitator at the Centre for Development of Creative Thinking in Belgium. Searching for even more powerful methods he studied Classical TRIZ on his own for more than two years. Last summer he fell in love with Ideation’s I-TRIZ and was inspired to begin working on becoming an I-TRIZ Specialist.

With that goal accomplished Karel has other big plans. He wants to write a book called "My Journey To Become an I-TRIZ Specialist." He is working closely with Boris Zlotin on several inventions which will revolutionize Integrated Pest Management. He plans to train engineers and biologists at Koppert and institutionalize I-TRIZ as part of the company’s infrastructure. Karel will also assist Hein Vastenouw, Ideation
Netherlands by supporting Hein’s work with businesses in Europe interested in implementing I-TRIZ.

"Karel is a very unique and special individual," said Zion Bar-El, CEO of Ideation. "He’s extremely knowledgeable, a self-starter and has great passion for creativity, innovation and invention. His brightness and the many innovations he will no doubt develop in the future will light up the I-TRIZ community. It is an honor to work with someone so creative."

Boris Zlotin agrees. "Karel is a person who has always been very interested in creativity," he said. "I-TRIZ is science about evolution –similar to biology. In fact, our studies in biological evolution have greatly contributed to the development of the theory of technological evolution. Karel has a biological and technical education and may be the first real Western scientist who can work at this level in modern TRIZ."

Bolckmans is currently working with Ideation to conduct an Inventive Problem Solving (IPS) training session in Holland March 27 – 29. He is also working with Boris Zlotin on a curriculum for training to be held at the European TRIZ Association (ETRIA) meeting in Belgium, in October.

"My ongoing search for the ultimate problem-solving and innovation tools led me to Ideation where I discovered that I-TRIZ is the next, more powerful generation -- even over Classical TRIZ," Karel said. "I found that I-TRIZ helps you look in directions where traditional techniques would never take you – it helps you cover the entire scope of potential innovations. I-TRIZ is so powerful that it should become part of any education curriculum and the main component of a company’s toolbox for those businesses that are serious about innovation."

New Software Tools Help Businesses Solve Technological Problems


Southfield, MI – December 8, 2005 – Ideation International Inc. has introduced two new versions of software tools designed to help businesses solve technological challenges. Brainstorming 2.3 provides entry-level assistance to lightweight problem solving capabilities. Innovation WorkBench® 2005 is a professional tool that delivers advanced problem solving for complex challenges and red-alert emergencies. Both products offer a seven-day free trial.


These software products are part of a unique operating system for innovation called Ideation-TRIZ (I-TRIZ). The acronym stands for the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving and offers businesses and manufacturers a new approach to innovation and invention – key ingredients to maintaining a competitive edge.


Ideation’s operating system for innovation is built on four core competencies: Inventive Problem Solving (IPS), Anticipatory Failure Determination® (AFD), Directed Evolution® (DE) and Control of Intellectual Property (CIP). Science-based, I-TRIZ is the result of almost 60 years of rigorous research and analysis of more than 3 million worldwide patents as well as the history of technological and social evolution, from which nearly more than 400 patterns of invention and more than 450 lines of technological, market and organizational evolution have been extracted. For manufacturers this means a nearly unlimited set of possible solution ideas to difficult problems.


Ideation, established in the U.S. in 1992, converted TRIZ (a problem-solving technique originated by Russian inventor Genrich Altshuller in 1946) into I-TRIZ under lead scientist Boriz Zlotin. The original methodology was adapted and advanced to fit Western business environments for business and engineering application support. The first to create I-TRIZ software support tools, Ideation has now launched new software versions based on 14 years of problem-solving experience with US companies.


Ideation Brainstorming 2.3 has been developed to help users perform lightweight problem solving. The product is also equipped with an introduction to I-TRIZ to provide users with a taste of the methodology’s basic principles for inventive problem solving while providing the knowledge and skills to brainstorm ideas. The software is structured in an easy-to-use four-step process.


Ideation understands that defining the system a business wants to improve or create is a critical first step. Brainstorming 2.3 helps the user outline the system, the system’s primary function, the supersystems it belongs to, detail inputs and outputs, and describe causes and critical conditions of the problem and potential consequences if the situation does not improve. These steps allow the user to develop a true understanding of the problem and form an Ideal Vision of the solution.


Brainstorming 2.3 is equipped with 120 Inventive Principles or "operators" (patterns of invention) representing best inventive practices that also allow the user to generate a list of ideas on how to resolve contradictions or in simpler terms - find a way to counteract any harmful functions that may result while improving useful functions – and move to realization of the solution’s Ideal Vision. The software’s operators use case studies and illustrations to demonstrate how each section works. Subsequent steps lead the user to concept development and evaluation of results.


A professional tool, Innovation WorkBench® 2005 (IWB) software provides powerful problem-solving features packaged in a user friendly format and is compatible with Ideation’s Brainstorming 2.3. The software features a Problem Formulator® that has been significantly improved as an analytical knowledge-transfer tool which helps identify and bring into sharp focus the interplay of cause and effect between useful and harmful functions in any system, business or engineering application. Besides access to over 400 Inventive Principles or "operators" representing best inventive practices, the new IWB software gives users a number of critical advantages.


IWB allows the user to track projects instantly despite long interruptions to the process and quickly identify where to resume working. Comprehensive reports can be generated in word format to facilitate collaboration between IWB and non-IWB users.


Ideation also offers new services that allow its scientists to adapt IWB software to fit specific company culture requirements. In addition, Ideation provides three-day training and coaching with a pilot project for users who want to become certified TRIZ specialists.


New Partnership Provides Integrated Innovation Solutions


Southfield, Michigan, USA / AMERSFOORT & HAARLEM, The Netherlands – November 15, 2005 – Ideation International Inc. and Twynstra The Bridge announced today that they have formed a close collaboration to provide an operating system for innovation that will help businesses invent on demand and solve critical challenges. Called I-TRIZ, the unique knowledge-based inventive problem-solving methodology, its support software products and services will be distributed by Ideation Netherlands and Twynstra The Bridge to the European market.


Ideation and Twynstra The Bridge work on either side of the innovation coin. Ideation's scientists provide content oriented products and support. Twynstra The Bridge's professionals focus on innovation implementation and process oriented services. The combination of science-based inventive problem solving and business experience driven implementation skills, will provide businesses with new integrated innovation solutions.


Hein Vastenouw, who will lead Ideation Netherlands, says he first became aware of Ideation and its I-TRIZ products in 1999 when he began looking for a more robust problem-solving alternative. "I met with Ideation and became convinced their operating system for innovation was the answer I was looking for. I-TRIZ is based on a thorough scientific foundation and its scientists are continuously working to further advance and develop the methodology. This collaboration is the result of a six-year relationship that now makes it possible for us to bring these important services to businesses in Europe."


"Twynstra The Bridge, based in The Netherlands, assists when 'more of the same' is no longer enough," said Jeroen de Kempenaer, Senior for The Bridge. "Our innovation professionals help to realize successful new activities, and revitalize businesses and entrepreneurial organizations.


Our team, based in The Netherlands, and its partners in Japan and the U.S. put decades of hands-on innovation experience at the disposal of customers. Twynstra the Bridge is an expert in situations where (technical) specialists and marketers have to collaborate closely to come to joint understanding and results. This means closing the gap between different cultures, characters and varying expectations of market opportunities and business competences."


Zion Bar-El, CEO of Ideation which is headquartered in the U.S., also has ties to the Netherlands. Prior to founding Ideation, Bar-El owned and managed a Holland-based business called Micro Project. "Because of my experience as a long-term business professional in Holland, I understand the unique needs of customers in Europe," he said. "I'm extremely pleased to return to Holland as part of this collaboration. The high caliber expertise of Twynstra The Bridge and the newly formed Ideation Netherlands creates just the right platform for launching our introduction of I-TRIZ products and services to Europe."


Ideation specializes in providing companies and academic organizations the ability to unlock the power of creativity, harness the advantages of innovation and achieve a new competitive edge. Its staff of top scientists developed I-TRIZ, an improved and expanded form of the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ). For businesses, I-TRIZ means the ability to invent on demand, direct the process of innovation step by step and identify next generation breakthrough products. I-TRIZ is the result of more than 60 years of rigorous research and analysis of millions of worldwide patents. To help companies and other organizations tap the wealth of this knowledge-based inventive problem-solving methodology, Ideation has developed a suite of I-TRIZ software products (TRIZSoft®) and authored a number of books. Ideation also offers consulting services and accelerated education programs.


For more information about Ideation Netherlands visit www.ideationtriz.nl; for more information about Twynstra The Bridge visit www.twynstrathebridge.nl.


Kent State's School of Technology teams with Ideation to bring innovation to Ohio businesses


Southfield, MI – October 11, 2005 – Kent State University's School of Technology is teaming with Ideation International Inc., to create an infrastructure for innovation that will equip Ohio businesses to invent on demand, incorporate value ads, solve critical challenges, get ideas to market, and leap frog the competition. The School of Technology expects to implement Ideation's methodology for innovation in three phases.


"The first step will include a graduate course that would integrate Ideation's unique knowledge-based inventive problem-solving methodology (I-TRIZ) and its support software," said Dr. Don Coates, Assistant Professor for the School of Technology. Dr. Coates, who currently teaches an interdisciplinary course called Management of Technology Innovation, was instrumental in introducing the Ideation methodology to Kent State. "With 40 years experience in industry, I wanted to improve the way innovation is adopted and used because I believe innovation is the key to building companies and jobs," he said.


The introduction led to a three-day training workshop in I-TRIZ held recently at Kent State. Coordinated by Tom Southards, Director of the Manufacturing and Technology Small Business Center (MTSBDC), the workshop combined hands-on problem solving with Ideation's unique methodology and software support. The workshop was attended by School of Technology associate professor Dr. Verna Fitzsimmons, Dr. Coates, Dr. Michael Fisch, Director of NEO Beam, (a joint venture in electron-beam technology between Kent State and local manufacturer Mercury Plastics); Dr. Gary Wnek, the Joseph F. Toot Jr., Professor of Engineering and Co-Director of The Institute for Management and Engineering (TiME) (a joint effort between the Case School of Engineering and the Weatherhead School of Management); three graduate students and representatives from local and international businesses.


One area business that participated, NC Consulting, Inc. based in Alliance, Ohio, sees I-TRIZ as a key advantage for Ohio businesses. "This practically guarantees finding solutions to otherwise unsolved problems," said Brooks Weingart, President and founder of N.C. Consulting. "This is a major breakthrough."


"The School of Technology has grown over the last decade from a small department to a large entity serving 2500 students and a significant number of business agencies which make up the majority of our manufacturing and high tech economy," said Dr. Raj Chowdhury, Dean School Technology at Kent State. "Our focus is applied science, aeronautics and applied technology. With innovation being the key to the future for companies, it makes sense to integrate Ideation's I-TRIZ as part of our learning environment to help students and clients really navigate true problem solving."


The School of Technology and Ideation are planning a series of additional training workshops over the next year. The workshops are open to students, faculty and Ohio businesses. For more information contact Tom Southards, Director, Ohio's MTSBDC at Kent State at 330-672-2892 or by email at wsouthar@kent.edu.


Ideation announces launch of Innovation WorkBench® 2005


Southfield, MI – July 26, 2005 – Ideation International Inc., the world's leader in innovation methods and supporting software tools, announced today it will launch a new software product called Innovation WorkBench® 2005 (IWB) on August 15, 2005. With IWB® 2005's user-friendly format, industries and academic organizations alike will be able to access Ideation-TRIZ (I-TRIZ), a unique knowledge-based inventive problem-solving methodology. Among other benefits, I-TRIZ gives companies the ability to overcome technological roadblocks, invent on demand and identify next generation breakthrough products.


Faster yet easier to use than its predecessor, IWB 2005 will incorporate I-TRIZ's strongest problem-solving features yet provides users with some exciting enhancements. The software's Problem Formulator® has been significantly improved as a knowledge-transfer tool. Its new flexibility allows for self-explanatory diagrams that are easily understood by other IWB users and individuals not yet familiar with I-TRIZ. In addition to the ability to manipulate the appearance of Problem Formulator diagrams through expanded graphic options, users will be able to name links to show cause-effect relationships between system or process functions. Off-site users will also have the ability to access and work with the Problem Formulator.


Customers can build critical support documentation for each phase of a project in a format that is easier to understand with IWB 2005's improved Project Report feature. With the flexibility to support a variety of operating modes, IWB's interface provides superior functionality. As a result, users can track their projects instantly despite long interruptions to the process and quickly identify where to resume working. Reports are more comprehensive and more easily understood by both non-IWB users and those unfamiliar with I-TRIZ.


IWB's operating modes can be customized to fit company culture, individual projects and system requirements. Team problem-solving is also facilitated with a brainstorming module and a user interface compatible with entry-level Ideation tools.


Training is being made available to those who purchase IWB 2005. Structured as a project-based workshop, the training gives participants hands-on experience and allows them to complete the total Ideation Process for a selected problem. In addition, an I-TRIZ specialist will provide post-workshop coaching. Individuals who successfully complete the training project will be certified as Inventive Problem Solving (IPS) Practitioners.


Ideation announces unique service for university IP departments at AUTM Central Regional Meeting


Southfield, MI – July 17, 2005 – During the Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM) Central Regional Meeting which featured the theme Technology Transfer: The Engine of Innovation, Ideation International Inc., introduced a new service for university Intellectual Property (IP) departments. Based on Ideation-TRIZ (I-TRIZ), the innovation leader's unique knowledge-based inventive problem-solving methodology, the service gives university personnel the critical information they need to assess and evaluate new invention disclosures and effectively manage their IP portfolios.


"When it comes to invention disclosures and future licensing profitability, everyone's looking for "home-runs," said Dr. Michael Sharer, Director of Technology Transfer & Commercialization at Western Michigan University. "But most IP departments are operating under budget and time constraints. This unique service helps universities capitalize on their most promising inventions, quickly weed out the not-so-promising ones and significantly raises the probability of identifying that "home-run."


Universities who want to use the service simply download their invention disclosure electronically to Ideation. In just 48 hours, a report is generated that rates a new invention's potential using three essential criteria – invention related factors (IF), system evolution factors (SEF), and market related factors (MF). In addition to determining if a disclosure is worthy of a patent application, customers are given information to help determine what type of patent to file, how long to invest, potential risks and other important elements of the IP management process. The service also helps customers improve their inventions by identifying potential problem areas early on.


Sharer, who has used the Ideation service, said Ideation helped him make the right decision on whether or not to apply for a patent before making a considerable investment of time and money. "The service also helped me gain a better understanding of how to manage the piece of intellectual property I had and increased my confidence that the decisions I made were sound and based on objective data," he said.


"The primary goal for university IP departments is the pursuit of new knowledge," said Zion Bar-El, CEO of Ideation. "This knowledge is usually summarized in journals but patents are also a practical by-product. What most universities lack is the in-depth marketplace insight required to make an invention disclosure profitable. Ideation is able to help universities connect their unique discoveries to valid markets for a commercial return."


Universities can take advantage of the new service for a cost effective fee of $800 per invention disclosure. To find out more about this service or to purchase it contact Ideation at 248-737-8854, toll-free 1-888-399-0887 or email Zion Bar-El at zbarel@ideationtriz.com.


Ideation unveils Disclosure Creation and Improvement software module for Intellectual Property Management


Southfield, MI – July 17, 2005 – Ideation International Inc., has introduced a new software module called Disclosure Creation and Improvement as part of its product lineup for Intellectual Property Management (IPM). Based on Ideation-TRIZ (I-TRIZ), the innovation leader's unique knowledge-based inventive problem-solving methodology, the new software module helps a broad range of customers protect and increase the value of their intellectual property and significantly raises the probability of identifying those inventions with the greatest potential for commercial profit.


Ideation developed the Disclosure Creation and Improvement software module to process new invention disclosures. The module works with each aspect of the disclosure to help the customer strengthen the proposal and increase its effectiveness by clearly detailing its profitability.


"This software module helps the customer create a win-win situation," said Zion Bar-El, CEO of Ideation, "by satisfying the needs of the inventor as well as meeting the parameters of organizations who will be involved in processing the patent application. More importantly, the software adds value to disclosures or patent applications by helping customers protect themselves against patent circumvention. With the software, customers can find out if it's possible to invent around their suggested invention and solve the problem prior to filing. The end result is a patent application that is relatively iron clad."


To find out more about this software product or to purchase it contact Ideation at 248-737-8854, toll-free 1-888-399-0887 or email Zion Bar-El at zbarel@ideationtriz.com.


Ideation introduces Invention Evaluation software module for Intellectual Property Management


Southfield, MI – July 17, 2005 – Ideation International Inc., has introduced a new software module called Invention Evaluation as part of its product lineup for Intellectual Property Management (IPM). Based on Ideation-TRIZ (I-TRIZ), the innovation leader's unique knowledge-based inventive problem-solving methodology, the new software module helps a broad range of customers protect and increase the value of their intellectual property and significantly raises the probability of identifying those inventions with the greatest potential for commercial profit.


Ideation developed the Invention Evaluation module to help customers assess the potential of their inventions and add more value. In addition to providing the flexibility to analyze inventions at the disclosure, patent application or patent stage, the software evaluates inventions for commercial potential and degree of difficulty. Customers are also able to determine if an invention is worthy of a patent application. And because the software reveals possible problem areas, customers can strengthen their invention prior to filing.


"Customers can actually use the software to assess any patent," said Zion Bar-El, CEO of Ideation. "If an organization is interested in purchasing a patent, the software can be used to test its value prior to making the investment. The software can also be used to demonstrate a patent's value if an organization is interested in licensing or selling the technology."


To find out more about this software product or to purchase it contact Ideation at 248-737-8854, toll-free 1-888-399-0887 or email Zion Bar-El at zbarel@ideationtriz.com.


Ideation launches Invention Value Enhancement software module for Intellectual Property Management


Southfield, MI – July 17, 2005 – Ideation International Inc., has introduced a new software module called Invention Value Enhancement as part of its product lineup for Intellectual Property Management (IPM). Based on Ideation-TRIZ (I-TRIZ), the innovation leader's unique knowledge-based inventive problem-solving methodology, the new software module helps a broad range of customers protect and increase the value of their intellectual property and significantly raises the probability of identifying those inventions with the greatest potential for commercial profit.


Ideation developed the Invention Value Enhancement module to help customers with sound inventions predict with a high degree of certainty what their next generation products should be. This software module also allows customers to create a step-by-step blueprint to identify and build future inventions.


"With this software module, customers can literally leapfrog over the patents of competitors to create and commercialize technical solutions for the future," said Zion Bar-El, CEO of Ideation. "That capability gives companies a critical tool to sustain continued growth."


To find out more about this software product or to purchase it contact Ideation at 248-737-8854, toll-free 1-888-399-0887 or email Zion Bar-El at zbarel@ideationtriz.com.


Ideation announces collaboration agreement with Pretium Consulting Services LLC


Southfield, MI – June 14, 2005 – Ideation International Inc. announced today that it has formed a close collaboration with Pretium Consulting Services, LLC. The agreement allows Pretium, based in Houston, Texas with offices in Michigan, to distribute Ideation products and services around the globe.


Ideation specializes in providing companies and academic organizations with a powerful and unique knowledge-based inventive problem-solving methodology called Ideation-TRIZ (I-TRIZ). Pretium specializes in the development and application of TRIZ technology for the creation of sustainable economic value through structured innovation. Pretium consultants combine their wealth of hands-on experience and knowledge as past business executives and advisors with state-of-the-art problem- solving techniques, coaching and implementation skills. In addition to distributing Ideation products and services, the collaboration agreement allows Pretium to customize Ideation software to meet customers' special needs.


"The collaboration between Ideation and Pretium is a natural fit," said Zion Bar-El, CEO of Ideation. "Our companies share similar visions and missions to help customers build wealth and become technological leaders in their markets. Working with senior seasoned executives that have real-world business experience such as Pete Hanik and Dr. David Bonner adds a key component to our company that could help Ideation achieve enormous growth."


To contact Pretium about Ideation products and services email phanik@pretiumllc.com or call 281-291-9085.


Ideation acquires IP Business International LLC


Southfield, MI – June 14, 2005 – Ideation International Inc. announced today they have acquired IP Business International, LLC (IPBI). The two companies, based in Southfield, Michigan, had been holding talks since May and today reached an agreement that allowed the acquisition to be finalized (the terms and conditions have not been disclosed).


Ideation, a world leader in inventive problem solving, and IPBI, a provider of disclosure inspection, patent analysis and patent deconstruction services, have enjoyed a close business relationship for the past several years. The project contributions of Ideation's staff of top scientists created a synergy that convinced the management teams of both companies that combining forces would bring a new level of services and products to current and future customers.


"I'm very pleased with the acquisition," said Zion Bar-El, CEO of Ideation, "because it represents a key step in Ideation's strategic plan to become a major player in the intellectual property domain. Acquiring IPBI significantly enhances Ideation's assets and allows us to enter a new market."


Business Workout Ltd forms a strategic alliance with Ideation International Inc.


June 7, 2005 – Business Workout Ltd (BWL) announced today the formation of a strategic alliance with Ideation International Inc. The alliance allows BWL to provide the energy industry with a revolutionary operating system for innovation. Click here to read the full news release.


Innovation Planner™ Unlocks the Power of I-TRIZ


Southfield, MI – May 26, 2005 – Ideation International Inc. has introduced a new product called Innovation Planner™. The 170-card set of innovation strategies and solutions gives customers easy access to I-TRIZ, Ideation's unique knowledge-based inventive problem-solving methodology. With Innovation Planner, customers don't need a background in I-TRIZ to begin creating new ideas and inventions. Yet the card set is comprehensive for the I-TRIZ specialist.


Innovation Planner provides customers with rapid, effective, and efficient problem solving and idea generation in countless combinations. Its user friendly approach is especially suited for both technical innovation and business planning. Innovation Planner allows customers to conduct systematic innovation planning, brainstorming, or to play one of several innovation games.


"The card system is excellent," said Kent Barley, president of TTW Incorporated. "I feel like I own each thought as I hold the card which is unlike looking at a remotely projected image appearing on a wall. The cards communicate clear and organized information in an easy to use manner. The instructional PowerPoint is well laid out."


Developed by the Center for Advantage, Innovation Planner is produced by Ideation and sells for $50. Individuals interested in purchasing the Innovation Planner can call 888-399-0887 or 248-737-8854.


Ideation International and the Engineers Club of Dayton Unveil New Company


Southfield, MI – May 17, 2005 – Ideation International Inc., and the Engineers Club of Dayton unveiled a new company today called Innovation Ohio Systems, LLC (IOS). Located in the Engineers Club in Dayton, Ohio, IOS will help Ohio's schools K-12 grow a new generation of creative thinkers with a unique knowledge-based inventive problem-solving methodology called Ideation-TRIZ (I-TRIZ).


I-TRIZ is the brainchild of Ideation, a world leader in innovation systems. Also committed to innovation, the Engineers Club was founded in 1914 by Colonel Edward A. Deeds and Charles F. Kettering to train engineers and advance business, education and science. IOS will take the Engineers Club's commitment to education a step further.


"Our goal through IOS is to combine I-TRIZ with the entrepreneurial spirit," said Zion Bar-El, CEO of Ideation," and help Ohio's education system nurture an inquiring environment where young people can see the connection between science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and an exciting, productive future – a future that could turn students' discoveries and creations into products and solutions for the world's problems."


For Cal Halliburton, an education manager for Ideation and a former teacher with 34 years service, I-TRIZ is the only methodology he's found for problem solving and invention that has a base of knowledge in technology. "For teachers, I-TRIZ's principles and concepts can help create a curriculum that expands student learning beyond the usual activities associated with design, problem solving and invention," he said. "For students, regardless of grade level, it provides a perfect conduit for discovering the excitement of solving problems and producing inventions."


Dr. Jim Brandeberry, Dean of Engineering and Computer Science at Wright State University and a registered professional engineer also thinks I-TRIZ is a great idea. "Engineering should be a creative profession," he said, "but if you look at the way we all teach it, using a highly mathematical and structured approach, creativity is ultimately all but squashed." "When I saw that I-TRIZ teaches creativity using a structured approach – the methodology clicked with my engineer mentality and sparked my interest in exposing my faculty to I-TRIZ. I purchased a software license for the university with the objective that it will lead us to perhaps introducing it in some of our design classes. I believe I-TRIZ has the potential to help us continue to educate very capable engineers and make them creative at the same time."


IOS will also become the training ground for new I-TRIZ specialists, some of whom will staff another newly formed organization called the Ohio Innovation Center (OIC) LLC. With I-TRIZ as its foundational building block, OIC was established primarily to provide the state's business and technology communities with a total solution for innovation and invention. "Although the major focus for IOS is Ohio's education systems while OIC concentrates on helping the state's business and industry sectors, there is a natural overlap between the two organizations," said Bar-El. "This overlap creates a dynamic synergy that will ultimately give Ohio the impetus it needs to become the most innovative state in the U.S."


In addition to its emphasis on education, IOS will provide extended benefits to existing Engineers Club members and help to attract new membership. "With its focus on education and crossover to businesses, we feel IOS will help our region to become more productive in the creation of new intellectual properties," said Harry Couch, president of the Engineers Club. "The organization will also provide the Miami Valley with a tool that follows in the best traditions of past inventors like the Wright Brothers and Charles Kettering by providing a better methodology to help the region's scientists, researchers and businesses find practical solutions to problems and become more successful entrepreneurs."


NCC and Ideation Launch Ohio Innovation Center LLC


Dayton, OH – May 3, 2005 – The National Composite Center (NCC) and Ideation International Inc. announced today that a new organization has been formed called the Ohio Innovation Center (OIC) LLC. NCC, headquartered in Dayton, Ohio and Ideation, based in Southfield, Michigan, are teaming with the Engineers Club of Dayton to revolutionize the state's business, technology and education communities with a total solution for innovation and invention.


OIC will be housed in the National Composite Center at 1950 Composite Drive, Dayton, Ohio. An advisory committee has been established and names the following members: Chuck Buchanan, a 1998 recipient of the Award for Outstanding Professional Achievement for Dayton by the Engineering and Science Foundation and Affiliate Society Council of Dayton and certified TRIZ specialist; Harry Couch, President of the Engineers Club; Zion Bar-El, CEO of Ideation; Lou Luedtke, President and CEO of NCC; Dr. Jim Brandeberry, Dean of Engineering and Computer Science at Wright State University; Gary Wnek, the Joseph F. Toot Jr., Professor of Engineering and Co-Director of the Institute for Management and Engineering (TiME) at Case Western Reserve University; Wayne Earley, Executive Director of PolymerOhio; Mike Fedotowsky, President of Customer Focused Technologies, Inc.; Larry Jenkins, Aerospace Environmental Management System Engineering Tech Expert for the USAF Aeronautical System Center -- Engineering Directorate at Wright-Patterson AFB; and Gideon Samid, PhD, President, D&G Sciences -- Virginia Technology Corporation.


"Ideation has a model for innovation that works," said Lou Luedtke, President and CEO of NCC. "The company's unique knowledge-based inventive problem-solving methodology called Ideation-TRIZ (pronounced trees), among other benefits, is helping companies overcome technological roadblocks, invent on demand and identify next generation breakthrough products."


An improved and expanded form of the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ), I-TRIZ has already been making its way into Ohio's businesses and education system. Wnek plans to introduce the I-TRIZ methodology in a course he co-teaches at Case Western on Product and Process Design, Development and Delivery. "Innovation is on everyone's mind these days," Wnek said. "I've canvassed numerous local businesses and there is one reoccurring theme. They all say the hardest part is idea generation, categorization and screening. Rather than intuitive guessing and trusting their selections to luck, they each want to have a better understanding of how to pick the right idea that's worth investing in and bring it full cycle." Wnek believes I-TRIZ may be a powerful answer.


Wayne Early also feels I-TRIZ is a strong solution for PolymerOhio's member companies. "OIC and I-TRIZ can significantly enhance the inventive and problem solving capabilities of our companies," he said. "Ohio has a great opportunity to build new jobs and retain employment with current and evolving polymer technologies. Twenty-eight hundred Ohio polymer based companies and 140,000 polymer industry employees provide a strong base to build on. OIC can be a critical aspect of our success in capturing these opportunities."


But I-TRIZ is only part of the total system OIC will offer. "NCC is recognized regionally and nationally for the development and commercialization of cost competitive composite materials and manufacturing processes," said Zion Bar-El, CEO of Ideation. "NCC is also able to take projects that would normally require up to 10 years to move from the invention stage to industry application and dramatically shortens those steps to just two to four years."


OIC's strategic location at NCC will allow it to offer manufacturers a menu of options by tapping the Center's multiple disciplines which take process development, process troubleshooting, product development, prototyping and pilot production from concept to factory ready products. "NCC will offer I-TRIZ and related services to its member companies and target small business manufacturers of advanced materials that might not normally be able to tap these kinds of resources," said Luedtke. The Engineers Club of Dayton will provide the third component of the total OIC solution by becoming the teaching facility for training I-TRIZ experts to staff the new Innovation Center.


In addition to serving the business and technology communities, OIC's services will also be made available to Ohio's educational system from K-12 through university level. A technology employment study published this month revealed that Ohio's high-technology employment fell by six percent from 2002 to 2003. The study also made a connection between its findings and the fact that fewer high school and college students are majoring in the sciences.


"Dayton has been credited with producing the most patents per capita than anywhere else in the world," said Bar-El. "Our goal is to use the Ohio Innovation Center to take the state's business, technology and education communities to new levels, get people excited about the wealth that creativity, innovation and intellectual property can generate and use the Center as a model that can be duplicated in other states. As the birthplace of aviation, Dayton is responsible for an invention that impacted the world. We believe that with an organization like OIC, new inventions of that magnitude can still be produced and help Ohio become the most innovative state in the U.S."


Since 1996, The National Composite Center has taken the lead in pioneering efforts to promote, develop and apply advanced composite technology to the aerospace and defense, automotive, commercial and infrastructure markets. NCC's ability to link composites to the appropriate markets is producing new business opportunities and sources of income that are helping to expand the region's industrial base. NCC has also established a pilot production plant to provide a central point where companies can congregate to develop large-scale manufacturing methods and establish industry standards. As a gatekeeper for the composite age, NCC is also committed to the exploration of advanced manufacturing technologies to provide industry and consumers alike with high performance materials that last longer and cost less. By teaming with colleges, universities and government, NCC is bridging the gap between science and practicality to strengthen commerce in Ohio and contribute positively to the lives of communities across the nation. For more information visit NCC's website at www.compositecenter.org.


To contact OIC: 1950 Composite Drive; Dayton, OH 45420; (937) 296-5028


Case Western Reserve students partner with Ideation to form Lake Effect Innovation

March 21, 2005 – From the Case Western Reserve University News Center: Case graduate students solve real-world corporate issues through new company. They've won bid to contract with Fortune 500 company.


The Engineers Club Joint Venture with Ideation International is Out of the Starting Gates


Joint venture announced, September 2004. Fifteen new I-TRIZ practitioners have been certified in the use of the Innovation WorkBench® software in the new IOSI joint venture program at the Club. It was fitting the group was trained in the "Hi Tech" Nutter Pub among the inventive artifacts of our Club Members.

  • Five of the new certified I-TRIZ practitioners were Club members who took advantage of the initial program offering as a way to take the process back to their companies or to give them a proven process to use during their retirement.

  • Three of the trainees joined the Club to gain access to the program.

  • Three of the trainees came from distinguished engineering universities in the U.S.:
    -- Case Western University – Dr. Gary Wnek, Co-Director for the Integration of Management and Engineering
    -- Wright State University – Dr. James Brandenberry, Dean of Engineering
    -- Western Ontario University – Dr. Ralph Buchal, Director of Integrated Engineering and Design Education

  • Also attending the session was Larry Smith, Quality Manager of Ford Motor Company, and two Ford engineers, Maria Stoletova and Glenn Reed.

The training will conclude Friday, December 3rd.


The new I-TRIZ practitioners are automatically member of the IODC, or Inventions On Demand Club. This group will meet monthly at the Club to polish up their technique for generating needed inventive ideas. Those invention needs will come from within the group, from the community, or from you: If you have thoughts on what is lacking in our society, please drop a line to Chuck Buchanan and the team will put the idea on the "Problem Solving Agenda" for the group to consider.


Several attendees in the program represent Ohio universities and colleges. The technique is under consideration for incorporation into curriculums at Wright State University, Sinclair Community College, University of Dayton, and Case School of Engineering. Gary Wnek, from Case School of Engineering, is making the I-TRIZ process a part of the Case Graduate Master's of Engineering & Business program during the next semester. Jim Brandenberry, a longtime Club member, is in the investigatory stages of including the technology in an innovation-focused degreed curriculum. IODC is currently in discussion with University of Dayton and Sinclair Community College, and meetings are planned in the near future.


In the first quarter of 2005, IODC will repeat the course and hold second-level instruction in Anticipated Failure Determination and Directed Evolution. The team of I-TRIZ-certified practitioners will offer their services to local companies to solve their problems. Please call the Club to sign up for the training programs, or contact Chuck Buchanan (937-238-3553) if you have questions.


Federal-Mogul commits to Ideation for software, training and consulting services


Southfield, MI – August 6, 2004 – Ideation International is announcing a strategic relationship with Federal-Mogul, one of the world's leading and largest automotive suppliers. Ideation and Federal-Mogul have agreed to a phased implementation of the I-TRIZ system, which includes software, training, and consulting services for accelerating innovation.


Ideation first trained 20 Federal-Mogul engineers in Inventive Problem Solving in March 2004. Of those participants, four have received advanced training with the goal of becoming internal I-TRIZ experts. Federal-Mogul has also licensed Ideation's Inventive Problem Solving software, the Innovation WorkBench™ (IWB). The four Federal-Mogul experts certified in Inventive Problem Solving™ have also been introduced to Ideation's Anticipatory Failure Determination™ and Directed Evolution™ applications. Successful students will be certified in these applications as training progresses.


"Federal-Mogul continues to bring technological excellence to our products and processes. Having in-house I-TRIZ proficiency to supplement our F-M TIPS program will enhance our ability to be a much more innovative company," says Dr. William Zdeblick, Director of Manufacturing R&D and a member of Federal-Mogul's corporate innovation team. "The I-TRIZ Methodology contains powerful tools that structure and accelerate innovation."


"Ideation International is honored to add Federal-Mogul as a strategic partner in utilizing Ideation's I-TRIZ methodology for innovation systems," said Pete Hanik, Senior Vice President of Ideation and head of Ideation's consulting services department. According to Hanik, "Federal-Mogul has made a significant commitment to enhance and advance its capability to create new products, solve problems, and utilize the I-TRIZ approach for Systematic Innovation."


Federal-Mogul (www.federal-mogul.com) is a global supplier of automotive components, sub-systems, modules and systems serving the world's original equipment manufacturers and the aftermarket. The company utilizes its engineering and materials expertise, proprietary technology, manufacturing skill, distribution flexibility and marketing power to deliver products, brands and services of value to its customers. Federal-Mogul is focused on the globalization of its teams, products and processes to bring greater opportunities for its customers and employees, and value to its constituents. Headquartered in Southfield, Michigan, Federal-Mogul was founded in Detroit in 1899 and today employs more than 45,000 people in 29 countries.


Ideation-Germany established


Ideation-Germany is represented by Dr. Elena A. Averboukh, Six Sigma Master Black Belt (in German: www.sixsigma-24.de) and industry-funded Professor of the University of Kassel in Quality and Safety Control Systems. Dr. Averboukh is an internationally recognised expert providing training, coaching and consulting in I-TRIZ and its applications for technological and business process improvement, innovative design, Six Sigma for master black and green belts, etc. in German, English and Russian languages. Her institute, LUSI-Centre (Interdisciplinary Centre for Quality of Life and Usability Studies) distributes I-TRIZ software, books and e-Learning packages in Germany. Dr. Averboukh may be contacted via e-mail at e.averbukh@ieee.org or Fax at +49 561 877389. More about virtual classes in innovation and I-TRIZ (in German and English).


Ideation's Advisory Council meets


Ideation International's advisory council held a meeting on April 10, 2003, with most members present as well as Lee Fenicle and Mary Ann Wendland from Creighton University, and Larry Hatch from Bowling Green State University. The main topics were TRIZCon2003 held last month in Philadelphia, the TRIZ market, Ideation's new developments, Ideation's association with universities, and recently customized Ideation tools for delivering solutions to enhance an enterprise's intellectual assets. The meeting yielded much fruitful discussion.


Ideation teams with VaNTH ERC for Bioengineering Educational Technologies


Ideation International, a VaNTH ERC industrial partner, is positioned to bring advanced methods of invention and innovation in the form of its I-TRIZ methodology and patented software and experience-based educational opportunities for students of bioengineering. Read the letter of recognition.


About VaNTH ERC – Vanderbilt University, Northwestern University, the University of Texas-Austin, and the Harvard/MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology have joined together to form the VaNTH ERC. VaNTH unites educators and engineers, in academia and industry, to define and develop bioengineering education for the future. It is at the focal point of bioengineering, learning science and learning technology. The Engineering Research Centers (ERC) Program of the National Science Foundation (NSF) stands as a landmark in federal support for university research in partnership with industry. Over the past decade this partnership has produced numerous engineered systems technologies, productive new engineering processes, and other innovative products and services, along with a new generation of graduates who have proven to be highly effective in industry. The NSF provides more than twenty million dollars of support during the time that an ERC grows and becomes self sustaining.


Parsons announces strategic relationship with Ideation International to enhance continuous innovation using I-TRIZ Methodology


Pasadena, CA – July 16, 2001 Parsons, one of the world's largest engineering firms, announced today a strategic relationship with Ideation International, the world's leading provider of I-TRIZ accelerated education, publications, software applications, and analytical services. I-TRIZ, the practical application and continuing advancement of the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving, is a technologically based system to organize, improve, and expedite the process of creative thought. The I-TRIZ Methodology leverages a vast knowledge base, combined with the ongoing research of the world's premier TRIZ scientists, to bring the benefits of cost reduction, product and process improvement, systematic innovation, and strategic technical systems development to enterprises around the globe. Ideation has trained sixteen senior Parsons experts in the problem solving and analytical applications of I-TRIZ that directly complement Parsons' government and commercial business services. The two companies will work on joint projects to develop Parsons' in-house I-TRIZ expertise.


"Parsons has always brought technological excellence to projects. Having in-house I-TRIZ proficiency takes us up another level in our ability to help our clients solve problems by providing them the highest degree of innovation possible," says Michael Brady, Parsons' Vice President of the Commercial Sector. "The I-TRIZ Methodology contains the most powerful tools available to structure and spur innovation."


The sixteen handpicked Parsons experts have been certified in Inventive Problem Solving™. They also received an overview of the Anticipatory Failure Determination™ and Directed Evolution™ applications. Successful students will be certified in these applications as training progresses. Starting from this nucleus, both organizations expect the alliance relationship to expand. Ultimately, both hope Parsons' entire technical staff will be educated in the I-TRIZ Methodology.


The alliance extends beyond training to mutual support. Ideation will provide technical staff for Parsons to utilize on client projects, while Parsons' experts will deepen the penetration of systematic, structured innovation into mega-construction and augment the number of I-TRIZ specialists available to Ideation International for analytical services engagements around the world.


"I've been familiar with Parsons for over twenty-five years," says Zion Bar-El, President and CEO of Ideation International. "I know they are a first-class outfit. It is a privilege to have a close alliance and to be involved with them around the world." Bar-El continues, "Their presence in 80 countries will help Ideation to disseminate the I-TRIZ Methodology and help enterprises across the world in solving their most challenging technological problems."


About Parsons – Parsons is one of the world's largest full-service engineering, procurement, and construction organizations. As a leader in many diversified markets, such as infrastructure and technology, transportation, and energy and chemicals, Parsons provides services to federal, regional, and local government agencies as well as private industries worldwide. For more about Parsons Corporation, please visit us on the World Wide Web at www.parsons.com.


Offer to integrate systematic innovation into U.S. Education Reform Plan sent to President Bush


SOUTHFIELD, MI, March 19, 2001 – In a recent radio address, President Bush called for a "new way of thinking" when it comes to the nation's educational system, and his administration can accomplish that and more, particularly if Zion Bar-El has his way.


Bar-El, president and CEO of Ideation International, sent a letter to the President on March 2nd outlining how his company and educators in the United States and abroad are working to improve the innovative abilities and skills of individuals from K12 education through advanced graduate programs. "Mr. President, Ideation's scientists, advisory board and alliances stand ready to help you raise the bar for American education, innovation and entrepreneurship and ensure that no student is left behind, regardless of age or economic circumstance," he wrote.


Noting the correlation between educational excellence, and the competitive advantage of American companies, Bar-El presents a compelling case for enhancing creativity and critical thinking skills through the application of a unique and structured methodology for continuous innovation. This methodology is based on the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ), the result of extensive and ongoing research, which began in 1946 with Genrich Altshuller, and was introduced to the Western Hemisphere in 1991. Ideation International has been successfully advancing and adapting the methodology for a wide range of academic and business needs. Along with hundreds of corporate clients, the company is currently working with some 42 universities and has a presence in 28 countries.


Particularly noteworthy are programs that demonstrate the positive impact that the Ideation/TRIZ Methodology can have on education. For example, a program currently underway at Vanderbilt University will make biomedical engineering students more competitive with experienced engineers when they graduate. These students will be more competitive because they will have learned how to think in a new way and be able to resolve complex problems effectively and expeditiously. Another successful program – Entrepreneurs Grow on TRIZ – was recently completed at the Ames Middle School in Ames, Iowa.


Many of Bar-El's colleagues agree that Ideation does indeed have a new formula for education. "We are confident that this formula can help elevate the level of excellence in the American educational system," Bar-El states. "Mr. President, we have great and urgent work to do. Changing the existing educational paradigm is a challenge, but it is a challenge that must be met."


As of today, Bar-El has not received a reply from the President, but remains optimistic that this administration will indeed explore all available options to ensure that no student is left behind.


Information on the methodology, Ideation International, its activities, and a copy of the actual letter are available by contacting Ideation International at (248) 353-1313. 


Ideation International Unveils TRIZSoft® 2000 - Inventive Problem Solving Tools for Breakthrough Innovation


SOUTHFIELD, MI, October 3, 2000 – Ideation International Inc., a leading provider of TRIZ-based products and services, today introduced TRIZSOFT® 2000, the latest version of its suite of Inventive Problem Solving (IPS) software tools that have been upgraded with new features and benefits to help users attack complex technological problems more effectively and more efficiently than ever before.


Each innovation tool in the IPS line-up – the Innovation WorkBench® (IWB), the Improver™, and the Ideator™ – has been enhanced with an integrated environment for seamless interface between I-TRIZ software modules, and an open architecture that allows users to import data in HTML format. Performance of the IWB® has increased 8-fold, with enhancements based on customer feedback as well as internal research, making it the "best in class" systematic innovation tool according to preliminary user evaluation reports.


"The IWB® provides significant enhancements and improvements, as one would expect with any new release of a software product. The product is more intuitive, user-friendly and easier to navigate. More significantly, my experience is that the sum of the whole is greater than that of individual enhancements. These improvements have "supercharged" my ability to generate novel and innovative approaches to complex and seemingly baffling problems. The tighter integration of the software, coupled with the enhanced set of "operators" creates a seamless pathway to raw innovation," expressed Steve Ungvari, president of Beacon Consulting Services, Inc.


In addition to the new TRIZSoft® platform, the IWB includes:

  • Integrated and improved Innovation Situation Questionnaire® (ISQ)

  • Streamlined Problem Formulator - a patented analytical tool that gives users the ability to model systems or problem situations in terms of cause-and-effect relationships, and attack the overall problem more effectively by slicing it into a subset of simpler (typical) engineering dilemmas.

  • Drag & Drop feature to transfer information between the ISQ® and Problem Formulator

  • Enhanced System of Operators - with direct access to the knowledge-base, a comprehensive resource including 440 operators (innovation "secrets" abstracted from worldwide patent libraries); the Innovative Illustration Library, with examples of more than 1200 practical applications of the operators, and the Innovation Guide, a compendium of articles describing physical, chemical and geometric effects along with more than 1,000 engineering applications.

  • Restructured Directions for Innovation

  • "Click" to prioritize directions of interest

  • Automatic transfer of Directions for Innovation into the Ideation Process Report

  • Improved overall structure to support knowledge management

Zion Bar-El, Ideation's president and CEO, is excited about the new software, noting that the improved capabilities of TRIZSoft® will not only allow enterprises to be more efficient and successful in finding implementable solutions to problems related to product design, cost reduction, and warranty issues, but "will allow them to bridge the I-TRIZ methodology with other best practices."


Vanderbilt Biomedical Engineering Students Take Part in Ideation/TRIZ Pilot Program


UPDATE: Vanderbilt biomedical engineering student projects:
2005-2006 | 2004-2005 | 2003-2004 | 2002-2003 | 2001-2002 | 2000-2001


SOUTHFIELD, MI – September 1, 2000 – Vanderbilt University's senior biomedical engineering students, class of 2001, embark on a journey this week … a journey which many hope culminates with both a degree and a lucrative job placement. Some sixty of these students have enrolled in Dr. Paul King's Design of Biomedical Engineering Systems Courses (BME 272-273). They too have high hopes, but through a special pilot program developed by Ideation International, and an agreement with Dr. King to integrate the Ideation/TRIZ methodology and software tools into his curriculum … they'll also have an edge.


"It's amazing," notes Ideation International President & CEO Zion Bar-El. "These kids face the same challenges that I did when I received a BS in Electronics Engineering in 1969. They approach graduation with the same excitement, the same trepidation, the same questions – 'What do I want to do? Can I do it? How competitive will I be in the job market?'" The pilot program marks the beginning of the realization of a long-time dream for Bar-El, to make a contribution and positive impact on the lives of young engineers.


King, Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Anesthesiology at Vanderbilt's School of Engineering, is a 30-year teaching veteran with extensive research and practical biomedical engineering experience. During the past ten years, he has been continuously developing the curriculum to prepare senior biomedical engineering students for the practical application of design principles for medical devices and systems. As King discovered, the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ), is uniquely suited for design work because it provides tools to analyze problems and synthesize innovative solutions.


"I taught some very basic elements of TRIZ last year, and it went well. I now want to present it much more comprehensively," remarks King. "Ideation-TRIZ and the IWB software will help me provide my students with a structured technique to assist them in the successful pursuit of their design projects." This year, the courses will require the application of the Ideation-TRIZ methodology – an advanced form of TRIZ – through the use of Ideation's sophisticated innovation software tool - the Innovation WorkBench™ System (IWB).


"We want to demonstrate that after acquiring a working knowledge of the methodology and the IWB, graduating engineers will be in a position to overcome technological challenges more expeditiously and more comprehensively than experienced engineers," states Bar-El. "We want to help these students be more successful and competitive, both in class and in their future careers, so we're making an investment by sharing our expertise with the methodology, and by making the IWB very affordable for them."


Although the ideal scenario for the pilot program has not yet materialized, i.e. the opportunity for students to benchmark their work on a real life technological problem against experienced engineers, Bar-El and King remain confident that the results will meet both their objectives and their expectations – to enhance the innovative skills of these young engineers, and to increase their efficiency and success in product/system design work.


An invitation to manufacturers of medical instrumentation or equipment to submit technological problems related to design, cost reduction, or new features is open until October 1. Company representatives should contact Bar-El for more information about the program at (248) 353-1313.


Project work will begin in the December/January timeframe and will be completed in April 2001. Ideation will support Dr. King's efforts throughout the pilot program with regular visits to the classroom and by supplying educational materials. Both Dr. King and Ideation's Chief Scientist Boris Zlotin will evaluate the completed projects for best use of the methodology and software tool, and to identify the most innovative approaches. Awards will be given to the top ranking students. All students completing the class, its requirements and projects will receive Ideation/TRIZ Inventive Problem Solving certification, and are required to submit a report on their experiences with Ideation/TRIZ and the IWB.


Student progress reports will be available on-line at http://vubme.vuse.vanderbilt.edu/King/student_project_listing_2000.htm beginning November 2000. Reports on this project will also be available beginning November 2000 at Ideation's web site.


"Ideation is involved with some 37 universities in 28 countries," commented Bar-El. "This relationship with Dr. King is the first opportunity we have had to share our methodology and tools in a meaningful way. We're very interested in talking with like-minded educators to bring the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving into their classrooms, and to give their students value creation skills that will last a lifetime."


About Vanderbilt University – Vanderbilt University is a private research university of approximately 5,900 undergraduates and 4,300 graduate and professional students. In 1999, the National Science Foundation selected the University as the home of its newest Engineering Research Center and the first in the nation dedicated to bioengineering education. The Vanderbilt-Northwestern-Texas-Harvard/MIT (VaNTH) Center for Bioengineering Educational Technologies teams the bioengineering and learning sciences faculty at each of these institutions to develop educational resources to prepare for the future of bioengineering. The VaNTH ERC draws from the five institutions' expertise to develop an organized knowledge base for bioengineering, determine the best teaching strategies to train practitioners, and to create teaching materials that can be adapted to a wide range of bioengineering specialties.


Ideation International in Salon.com


READ THE ARTICLE: The science of invention  By Mark Wallace. "Can a theory cooked up by a Soviet labor camp survivor solve today's thorniest engineering problems -- and make the world a better place?"


Machine Design publishes article on AFD™


June 15, 2000: Machine Design (see "Inventive Troubleshooting") – article on Anticipatory Failure Determination™ ( AFD), an application of the Ideation/TRIZ Methodology. Read more about AFD . . . 


Hitachi Ltd. implementing TRIZ throughout company


May 28, 2000 – Business Update – Mr. Tsukasa Shinohara, editor for Nikkei Mechanical, Japan's premier technical magazine for mechanical engineers, illustrated the growing interest in the TRIZ methodology and TRIZ-based software products within Japanese industry in a recent communication regarding Hitachi Ltd. Hitachi and other Japanese companies have been implementing Quality Function Deployment (QFD), Taguchi, Design of Experiments, and the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ) into their engineering practices, and are interested in how U.S. industry is accepting TRIZ and whether corporate management is embracing it.


Hitachi initiated its implementation project – Hi Speed 21 – in 1999, making it one of the most serious companies in Japan to promote TRIZ in-house. Company officials recently began accepting interview requests regarding the project, and Nikkei Mechanical plans to interview them soon, focusing on their interest in TRIZ.


Hitachi began its investigations into TRIZ some two years ago, with an emphasis on how to integrate the methodology into its existing corporate engineering and technical structure. The company has subsequently trained a number of employees, including engineers and managers, in the so-called "classical" TRIZ methodology and the use of TRIZ-based software products.


Ideation International helped to organize a meeting between Hitachi representatives Toshihiro Hayashi, Senior Manager, and Setsuo Arita, Senior Researcher, and Don Masingale, program manager for Boeing Commercial Airplane Co. in Wichita, KS last November to discuss TRIZ and other engineering methodologies, such as Taguchi, QFD, and the Theory of Constraints (TOC). Masingale, a TRIZ specialist, was recommended as a knowledgeable information resource because he has personally conducted extensive research on the methodology and TRIZ-based software products.


During the meeting with Masingale, Hayashi and Arita shared several presentations outlining the wide scope of their effort to implement TRIZ. These presentations also demonstrated Hitachi's approach to infuse TRIZ with other engineering and technical methodologies to provide innovative, high quality, and profitable products to its customers.


Much of the discussion was focused on TRIZ-based software and numerous evaluations of two products, Ideation International's Innovation WorkBench System™ (IWB), v 2.2, and Invention Machine Corporation's TechOptimizer™, v. 3.0. Hitachi's findings, which were based on their use of both applications, were in line with similar conclusions drawn by software users within industry and academia from the United States and other countries.


According to Masingale, the majority of individuals he had contacted who had tested both the IWB and TechOptimizer held that the IWB was their product of choice, citing its user friendliness as the primary factor. Additionally, these users concluded that the IWB not only offered more TRIZ-based problem solutions than the TechOptimzer, it guided the user through each step of the process – and was priced more competitively as well.


Also mentioned was the observation that although significant advertising by Invention Machine Corporation had made the TechOptimizer more recognizable within the marketplace, the product did not produce consistent and usable results. On the other hand, the IWB, along with proper training, provided better direction for achieving an innovative solution to a complex problem, be it product- or process-oriented.


Firm Providing Innovation to Industry Reinvents the Electric Shaver


SOUTHFIELD, MI – January 24, 2000 – Ideation International, a company providing tools and techniques that help many of the world's largest companies innovate and solve problems, has reinvented the electric shaver and filed for broad, worldwide patent protection. The new electric shaver provides a much larger shaving area in a single pass, and is able to cut hairs growing in any and all directions at the same time! This eliminates the need to constantly move the shaver back and forth over an area, providing a big improvement in a product not known for recent technological advancements.


"We wanted to be able to show the world what our capabilities can do in virtually any given field. Our clients usually do not let us talk about the innovations we do on a work for hire basis, and they may not emerge into the marketplace for many years," said Zion Bar-El, CEO of Ideation. "We chose the electric shaver because it is a well known product that has not seen much innovation in recent years, and because we do not represent any clients in the shaver business. This leaves us free to use our improvement as a model of what can be done with even the sleepiest of industries."


Ideation is in discussions with several shaver manufacturers interested in taking these breakthrough concepts to market. "We expect our innovations to help transform the shaving industry by offering a significantly improved product at a competitive price. We started out to demonstrate our methodology, and the results were so good they surprised even us!" Mr. Bar-El extolled.


The new electric shaver provides a one-pass shave delivering the closeness of a straight edge razor. Additional benefits to the consumer include reduced skin irritation and allergic reaction, improved muscle stimulation, and increased usability for individuals with disabilities, such as arthritis.


The Directed Evolution process analyzes technological, market and societal domains. In the case of the electric shaver, Ideation looked to mate its technological development with the technological resources, market environment and consumer needs. The ultimate goal was to develop concepts for a "next generation" product that would deliver a razor close shave, safely, easily and provide collateral benefits to the user. Working independently to illustrate the power of Ideation's proprietary Directed Evolution methodology, Ideation scientists studied the evolution of shaving devices, from straight edge razors to state-of-the-art electric shavers. The shaver was chosen because of its endurance, mass-market appeal, and low rate of recent innovations.


Ideation's analysis of existing shavers determined that while the majority "looked good" and "worked adequately," there was room for major improvements in both the primary and secondary functions of the system. The Directed Evolution process led Ideation to use technologies from other industries to identify new directions for the system, i.e. creating an electric shaver primarily designed to remove hair below the level of the skin, which also removed the hair from the skin's surface and massaged the skin without requiring constant manipulation by the user.


More information on the Directed Evolution process can be found on Ideation's web site. Specific details related to the breakthrough concepts developed for the electric shaver are available by contacting Ideation at (248) 353-1313.

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