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Ideation analysts employ a patented methodology to generate a graphical depiction of the logical structure of the invention described in the patent. This diagrammatic approach exposes both the weaknesses and strengths in the patent and its claim structure. The software that embodies the specialized methodology further produces a comprehensive list of suggested avenues for development that may strengthen, expand or extend the patent.


  • Analysis of the patent, including:
    – Review of client-provided application or issued patent
    – Development of the logic pattern of the invention and its graphical depiction
    – Automated formulation of possible directions for enhancing the invention
  • Evaluation of the invention’s evolutionary potential, including:
    – Mapping the invention onto related "patterns of evolution"
    – Assessment of key inventive elements in comparison with the prior art
  • Revealing the basic resources employed within the invention, and identifying additional evolutionary resources
  • Assessment of the patent’s potential and possible avenues for its expansion


  • Graphical depiction of the main elements of the invention and the connections between them

  • List of automatically formulated directions for further development

  • List of the basic resources employed in the patent and additional resources that may contribute to further development

  • Conclusion that includes an assessment of the disclosure’s potential, and possible avenues for its expansion


  • A clear and comprehensive understanding of the invention that will improve the ability to identify and close deals with licensees

  • Exposure of likely avenues for further development so that the broadest possible protection can be gained for the invention and related technology

  • Enables the identification of all possible markets for the invention, along with a clear exposition of the boundaries of each

  • For licensed patents, improved odds for closing investment deals

  • Aids inventors' research programs and improves their ability to attract funding

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