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Ideation analysts conduct a focused patent analysis to meet the client’s objectives, which typically include litigation support, infringement avoidance, and circumvention of a competitor’s patent. This work is carried out in close partnership with client personnel so that the competitive landscape be fully appreciated by the Ideation analysts.


  • Analysis of the patent, including:
    – Review of client-provided patents coupled with interviews of client marketing staff
    – Formulation of the logic pattern of the invention and its graphical depiction
    – Individual diagramming of each independent claim to support the detailed level of ensuing work
  • Identifying avenues for strengthening the patent and opportunities for protection against infringement or invent-around, including:
    – Revealing elements for possible exclusion and/or identifying functions that might be delegated to other elements
    – Revealing non-removable elements for possible integration
    – Revealing and utilizing the client’s resources in order to provide the best technical and economic recommendations for implementing the suggested directions


  • Graphical depiction of elements in major claims, as well as the interconnections for each patent and/or related patents
  • Where weaknesses are identified, suggestions for buttressing the protection will be provided based upon the logical depictions of the diagrams
  • Brief textual descriptions of future directions for the patent(s) to strengthen and broaden its protection


  • Assistance in the crafting of effective legal arguments for attorneys litigating on the client’s behalf
  • Assistance in assessing the client’s position relative to that of the litigant
  • Specific suggestions for an invention/technology that will avoid infringement of an unlicensed patent or a competitor’s patent
  • Specific suggestions to enhance the inventiveness of a client’s patent or provide new patent applications to protect the technology that will circumvent a competitor’s patent
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