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Guiding innovation – that’s our business. We can help provide your subject matter experts with the knowledge and tools necessary to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. We can also help when you’re pressed for time and your products, processes or technologies must make the quantum leap from concept and development to the marketplace.

Working with your project team and applying the Ideation/TRIZ Methodology’s "quick-learning" tools, our scientists swiftly scope the project to gain a comprehensive understanding of the problem and determine your expectations, resources and constraints. This knowledge allows our team of experts to thoroughly evaluate the system and zoom into the heart of the problem. Then, with the combined power of the Ideation/TRIZ Methodology, its advanced applications, and its innovation software tools, we help you obtain solution concepts that meet your predefined success criteria.

We can help you create breakthrough opportunities in several ways:

  • CONSULTING SERVICES – you provide the details and direction, we solve the problem.
  • FACILITATION – we form a partnership, combining our joint expertise, the Ideation/TRIZ Methodology, and our software tools to systematically attack and resolve the problem.
  • COACHING – Ideation/TRIZ specialists provide post-training assistance to your subject matter experts, ensuring that their work stays focused, success criteria are met, and maximum benefits of the Ideation/TRIZ Methodology and its tools are realized.


Ideation International has a proven track record for helping companies identify and eliminate the root cause(s) of technological problems. Our staff is fortified by a team of scientists and engineers who specialize in a wide range of disciplines, from physics and chemistry to mechanical and electronic engineering. This diversity in technical excellence and expertise allows us to help our customers manage and control the innovation process. We become partners in a strategic alliance through which complex challenges become opportunities for success.

If you would like to discuss our consulting services, please contact Ideation at:

Phone: 248-737-8854
FAX: 248-737-8929
E-mail: sales@ideationtriz.com


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