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Feedback from some of our customers:


"Both the (Ideation TRIZ ) training and support for 3 months produced a final concept that is expected to achieve 90% of cost targets and 100% of volume target. Without Ideation International’s contribution, it was likely for us to have challenge in overcoming our psychological inertia and settle for less than the superior outcome." Click here to see the complete testimonials.

Ash Madan, Principal Engineer & IP Lead at Ethicon Endo- Surgery, J&J



"Absolutely brilliant."
— LeighAnn Weiland, Corporate Counsel for Intellectual Property at Hewlett-Packard Corporation


"Ideation's I-TRIZ is a systematic methodology to promote technological innovation and inventive engineering. Its ability to provide a system that will help companies innovate in a way they never thought possible before makes I-TRIZ a natural fit for the challenges facing the energy industry. In addition, I-TRIZ is supported by powerful analytical and knowledge-based software tools that customers can easily integrate."

— Vic Baxter, Managing Director for Business Workout Ltd (BWL)


"…I suspected that it would be much like any other relationship -- a good product and limited support. What I received instead was excellent support, additional books, and software. Most importantly, I was treated as a partner, not a customer. It is most reassuring to know that if I have a question or require additional information, help is only a phone call away…."

— James C. Bradley, Ph.D., P.E., Senior Engineer, Avant Group, Inc.


"Engineering should be a creative profession but if you look at the way we all teach it, using a highly mathematical and structured approach, creativity is ultimately all but squashed. When I saw that I-TRIZ teaches creativity using a structured approach, that clicked with my engineer mentality and sparked my interest in exposing my faculty to I-TRIZ. I purchased a software license for the university with the objective that it will lead us to perhaps introducing it in some of our design classes. I believe I-TRIZ has the potential to help us continue to educate very capable engineers and make them creative at the same time."

— Dr. Jim Brandeberry, Dean of Engineering and Computer Science at Wright State University and registered professional engineer


"I-TRIZ gives you a head start on designing things right the first time and it allows you to look for solutions in places you might not normally think to look. If you’re climbing a mountain, I-TRIZ gives you the hand holds you need to complete the climb."

— Chuck Buchanan, Certified TRIZ Master and Managing Director of Innovation Ohio Systems, LLC (IOS)


"I predict that TRIZ will become a standard practice worldwide and will be widely taught to adults and students to assist them in increasing innovation skills."

— Daniel Burrus, leading technology forecaster, author of Technotrends


"With subaverage results in standardized mathematics and science secondary tests and noncompetitive numbers of science and engineering graduates, the US is in educational crisis. Innovation Workbench helps engineering students and professionals think creatively about challenges, adding value to their efforts."

– Jerry C. Collins, Vanderbilt University


"I-TRIZ is a service that can help the defense industry solve the innumerable problems that routinely crop up in the development of defense systems. The I-TRIZ techniques are fairly new to the defense industry, but I feel I-TRIZ would be especially suited to these applications. In my experience, most problems that seem unsolvable really have more to do with the way the individual is looking at the problem. I-TRIZ breaks down those psychological barriers and provides a step-by-step guide and structure for looking at the problem from different perspectives. Because I-TRIZ draws on a large base of lessons learned and doesn’t recognize industry or application boundaries, it is able to engage you in a series of possible approaches or solutions you may not normally have access to. Most problem solving approaches are unstructured depending on experience and intuition. I-TRIZ offers a more optimal solution."

— William Dean, defense industry consultant


"I-TRIZ is a strong solution for PolymerOhio's member companies. The Ohio Innovation Center (OIC) and I-TRIZ can significantly enhance the inventive and problem solving capabilities of our companies. Ohio has a great opportunity to build new jobs and retain employment with current and evolving polymer technologies. Twenty-eight hundred Ohio polymer based companies and 140,000 polymer industry employees provide a strong base to build on. OIC can be a critical aspect of our success in capturing these opportunities."

— Wayne Early, Executive Director for PolymerOhio


"Boris Zlotin and Alla Zusman are to the TRIZ methodology what Dr. W. Edwards Deming is to quality management."

— Mike Fedotowsky, President of Customer Focused Technologies Inc.


"Creighton University approached Ideation with a medical device project. Following the TRIZ methodology, Ideation scientists, in cooperation with our clinical staff, turned our project into more than 15 inventions, and we are still adding new devices. Directed Evolution™ and the TRIZ problem-solving process made possible a deal with a major device manufacturer. We are now approaching venture capital firms to form a new company to address the opportunities Ideation provided."

— Lee Fenicle, Director of the Technology Transfer School of Medicine, Creighton University


"Zion, I want to thank you for brining this philosophy. TRIZ and Ideation have the potential to help boost our local manufacturing. This mechanism provides ways of looking at issues and thinking out-side the box, but in an organized way. I am looking forward to more work with this."

— Verna M. Fitzsimmons, Ph.D., Associate Professor, School of Technology, Kent State University


"Ideation is a unique in the world collection of very insightful people working with proven methods creating breakthrough products, concepts and patents."

— Paul Germeraad, President, Intellectual Assets Inc.


"For most of my design students, Innovation Workbench has been an extremely useful addition to the student’s approaches to solving design problems. I applaud Zion and his group for their enthusiasm and persistence in the development and dissemination of a valuable product that they continue to improve."

— Paul H. King, Ph.D., P.E., Vanderbilt University


"Before any given physical law is understood it can be used, but without much direction or control. Ideation brings invention out of the darkness, and into the world of science. With Ideation everyone can see, understand and use the physical laws that underlay the inventive process."

— David Levy, Ph.D., Founder and CTO, Digit Wireless


"Ideation has a model for innovation that works. The company’s unique knowledge-based inventive problem-solving methodology called Ideation-TRIZ (pronounced "trees"), among other benefits, is helping companies overcome technological roadblocks, invent on demand and identify next generation breakthrough products."

— Lou Luedtke, President and CEO of the National Composite Center


"Direct use of Ideation methods and software has resulted in more robust products in my area. My failure analysis and prediction skill set has increased exponentially in the last year."

— Glenn Reed, Technical Expert, Audio/Video Playback Mechanisms, Ford Motor Company


"What I like most about Ideation is the people: Ideation has a work ethic that I have never seen in this industry before. You and your teams dedication to making customers successful is remarkable... I know that Ideation will work 24/7 and pull in whatever resources are necessary to solve a problem."

— Eric A. Schmidt, Senior Manager, Chassis NVH & Advance Technology, Visteon Corporation


"I have used Ideation's services on a number of occasions. They are able to deliver information that no one else can give me. Their Disclosure Evaluation service, based on their proprietary I-TRIZ methodology, is unique and provides the answers I need to make good and rapid decisions. In this business, everyone is looking for a crystal ball, but Ideation's Disclosure Evaluation report is the next best thing. It tells me at a glance how to manage a piece of IP and the decisions to make for the next few years—whether to invest, when to invest, and for how long. I can also use this information as an intellectual asset management tool to manage my IP portfolio at the organizational level.

— Michael Sharer, Ph.D., MBA, Director, Technology Transfer & Licensing/Commercialization, Western Michigan University


"Ideation's modern version of TRIZ is unique. It helps to crystallize the interplay of causes and effects between useful and undesired functions in any system, business or engineering effort, leading to an exhaustive set of solutions to sub-problems that, if implemented, increase system ideality. As a brainstorming tool it is very effective. The automated formulation process quickly generates a high number of prototypical directions in which solutions can be sought, with the potential to create significant concepts that were previously missed or unimplemented. The generality of the new approach is surprising for those who believe I- TRIZ is only relevant in hard-core engineering. This is also a tool for everyday consulting and business thinking."

— Howard Smith, CTO, Computer Sciences Corporation, European Group and author of Business Process Management: The Third Wave and IT Doesn't Matter: Business Processes Do


"The new IWB is more intuitive, user-friendly and easier to navigate. More significantly, my experience is that the sum of the whole is greater than that of individual enhancements. These improvements have "super-charged" my ability to generate novel and innovative approaches to complex and seemingly baffling problems. The tighter integration of the software, coupled with the enhanced set of "operators" creates a seamless pathway to raw innovation."

— Steven Ungvari, President, Beacon Consulting Services Inc.


"Three from our company recently attended a three day Ideation/TRIZ Methodology workshop and were pleasantly surprised at the highly structured, yet easy to use capabilities of the software. This practically guarantees finding solutions to otherwise unsolved problems. This is a major breakthrough. The highly trained and experienced Ideation personnel cited many applications that we could relate to where I-TRIZ was utilized. We look forward to a long term relationship with Ideation."

— Brooks E. Weingart, President, N.C. Consulting Inc.


"A key goal when I accepted the position at Case was to look for ways to weave the theme of innovation into our one-year master's degree program, the Master of Engineering and Management (MEM) curriculum. MEM closely integrates engineering and management and is run under TiME, a joint effort between the Case School of Engineering and the Weatherhead School of Management. In my role at the Institute I wanted to give students the chance to gain hands-on experience, and suggested that a few might consider starting and managing a company. We found six students who were interested and decided to partner with Ideation to provide I-TRIZ services to customers. The company, Lake Effect Innovation LLC, was formed in 2005 and is initially targeting the healthcare, energy, advanced materials and manufacturing, and IT industries with inventive problem-solving tools such as I-TRIZ. Lake Effect will also offer prototype development, product and process design and development, patent search and assessment, marketing, and preparation of business plans and proposals. Innovation is on everyone’s mind these days. I've canvassed numerous local businesses and there is one reoccurring theme. They all say the hardest part is idea generation, categorization and screening. Short of intuitive guessing and trusting your selection to luck, they each want to have a better understanding of how to pick the right idea that’s worth investing in and bringing full cycle."

— Gary Wnek, the Joseph F. Toot Jr., Professor of Engineering and Co-Director of the Institute for Management and Engineering (TiME) at Case Western Reserve University

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